Episode 48: The Future is Now

This week I reflect on my manual labor weekend helping my wife flip a house north of Seattle. I woke up sore, tired and excited. Why? Why is doing stuff so much fun? How can we have students make more stuff?


  • Where did I learn how to do all this?
  • Why is manual labor so much fun?
  • Why did I sleep so well?


  • Find a way to have your students make something physical. Give them the challenge to build a tower, a bridge, a wagon for the Oregon Trail out of popsicle sticks. There is so much learning and feeling of accomplishments when we do manual labor and we get to see our progress.
  • Find a way to bring movement into your classroom. Find a way to get students up and moving!


The Shift Key Podcast: http://elpn.edurolearning.com

The Future Is Now Conference: http://www.sospodcast.org/tfin

Date: June 27, 2018
Where: Seattle, WA
Time: 8-4
Parking Included
6 STEM Clock Hours available

Jeff’s Wife’s New Passion: http://www.g3-homes.com

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