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Episode 9

Michael Lambert, a Middle School teacher from Concordia International School in Shanghai joined Jeff and David for tonight’s show.

Episode 8

Brent Loken, the Director of Curriculum and Innovation at Hsinchu International School (HIS) joined Jeff and David for tonight’s show.


Live From EARCOS Teacher’s Conference 2008

Episode 7

Jeff Nugent joined Jeff and David for tonight’s show.

Episode 6

Justin Hardman and Chris Betcher joined David and Jeff.

Episode 5

Chris Betcher and Clay Burell joined Jeff and David.

Episode 4

The SOS team paused tonight to celebrate the teachers in their schools who are making the shift. No philosophical discussion tonight, just concrete and practical instructional strategies.

Episode 3

Clay Burell joined David and Jeff all sharing their Chinese New Year experiences from Korea, Taiwan and China.

Episode 2

Justin Medved and Kim Cofino joined David and Jeff in welcoming our featured guest Julie Lindsay.

Episode 1

Let’s begin the shifting of our schools.