Month: April 2018

Episode 1: An International Conversation

In this episode the Eduro Learning Advisory Board gets together to chat about technology and education. This time we talk about social media: what is it that makes these tools so powerful, and how do they look different based on your cultural context.

  • Which apps are popular in your region of the world?
  • How does this represent the culture where you are?
  • What connects all of these? What is similar?
  • What is the purpose behind social media?
  • How do people use these different tools?

Your host, Kim Cofino was joined today by Chrissy Hellyer, and Advisory Board members Pana Asavavatana, Clint Hamada, Ben Sheridan, Keri-lee Beasley, Rebekah Madrid and Brian Lockwood.

Resources shared:

Episode 46: Teaching A Media First Generation

In this episode, I talk through my ideas on teaching a “Media First Generation” and why we in education need to think differently when it comes to engaging them in meaningful work that speaks to their media first brains.


Millennials Rising: The Next Great Generation

Pew Research: Defining Generations

New York Times: Generation Z Name

Common Sense Media: Census on media use by kids age zero to eight 2017


Episode 45: Just Get Started

This week I’m joined by Photo Joseph and Chrissy Hellyer as we talk about having students be creating in the classroom and how video and photos are a great way to engage the media first generation.

You can reach out to Joseph here: